ETR Reviews


"Just got back from ETR, Justin dropped  what he was doing  to take care of my  problem, which I thought was going to be a major problem, which turned out to be a  minor problem. He charged me substantially  less than  what I thought it would be. I'll  continue to recommend my friends to give him a call." ~Paul Englett

"Professional and courteous.  These guys definitely know what they are doing when it comes to getting a truck back up and running in a timely manner." ~JB

"ETR is a honest and fair shop! I have had a few big jobs done here and they were all great turn around time and fair priced. they also treat you great as a customer, I've never encountered a bad attitude here! stop by and see these guys." ~DeRobert James

"In and out fair price loved it." ~ Armin Puskar

I've been a customer with ETR Truck Center for over 2 years. My wife and I consider them extended family! They operate with integrity and honesty. They have earned our trust and loyalty!  ~KM Logistics LLC

"Great place to take your truck. Fast and sincere job." ~Boris Segui Albuerne

"Great people!!!!! Integrity at its finest!!!!! You won't be disappointed!" ~Ashley 

"Husband and I are traveling in a Class A motorhome with a Cummins 400ISL engine. Our alternator light had been on since Florida, with the alarm bell dinging most of the time. We prefer the honesty and prices of big rig repair shops to rv shops especially for engine issues. We started Google-ing to find help, found ETR. Saw the years of experience and the 5 star reviews. Called on a Friday. At first they were concerned about getting our 40 ft rig in a bay but after checking said there was room on the side of the building (behind locked gates) and to be there first thing Monday. On Monday we were there early and talked with a couple of their big rig trucker customers while waiting. We asked for a back up repair place, just in case , but they politely told us if ETR couldn't work on their rig there was nowhere else they would go!! So we  left our baby in the hands of the ETR team with a promise we'd hear from them by 3:30 that afternoon. At 3 pm they called to say it was READY!! WHAT!?! Brand new alternator and reasonable labor charges, especially since he had to remove parts to get to the alternator! That was a week ago - no problems since! We found these guys honest, fast, empathetic, friendly, and priced well. They treated our rig with care and we highly recommend them! They admitted that they don't normally do rv's but happen to have a knowledgeable man on the team. We asked if we could let the rv community know about them and they were ok with that. You got a problem in McDonough, Georgia, these are THE GUYS!"  ~Arlene Butler

"Awesome group of guys here, had a lil hick up with my CAT in my classic, great communication, estimate to the penny, no surprises, timely repair, and excellent knowledge, thanks Justin, Byron, and Justin."  ~Brannon Roberts

"Great place to take your truck." ~Brenin Mobley

"Very honest people don't do more then you ask, however they will advise you if they see something.  Will not go to any other shop as long as I am at home and if I need to be towed a thousand miles I would probably do that before some body else touches my truck." ~Randy Enright